Features of the AppBlade Platform

AppBlade is a suite of tools for securing, distributing, and managing mobile applications and devices.

Designed for Apps

AppBlade was developed by a team of designers and developers that was frustrated with the lack of great tools to manage and distribute applications.

We built AppBlade because we needed a set of tools to manage and create better mobile applications.

Cross platform deployment

AppBlade was developed to support multiple platforms and deployment scenarios.

The tools automate many of the issues associated with deploying on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Mobile Device Management Install, Update, and Secure on iOS

The Ultimate Device Security

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the best solution if you are worried about device and data security. Not only can you add a layer of encryption, but also selectively remove applications or wipe the entire device from our MDM dashboard.

Securing applications can even be done based on location. If you have an app you want to restrict to a certain location, MDM can do that too.

Why MDM?

MDM is useful in many situations, not just restricted to Enterprises. It not only locks down devices, but makes managing them much easier. Need to update an application? Upload the app to AppBlade and send it to devices. No further user action required.

Want to restrict access to certain applications? MDM is the perfect tool. Using it, you can choose to hide applications from view on the device.

Application Distribution Tools to securely distribute your application

The foundation of AppBlade is its ability to securely distribute and install applications an enterprise or a set of testers. We utilize over-the-air installation features built into iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Easy Installation

AppBlade works to automate and simplify various steps across iOS, Android, and BlackBerry to ensure that users are able to install applications.

This includes functions such as automatically collecting the UDID from an iPhone to validate that applications can be installed without issue.

The result is less IT, configuration or maintenance to use AppBlade to distribute applications to end-users.

Streamlined mobile experience

Our mobile experience is optimized for installing applications. AppBlade is able to install native applications across devices using only the web-browser built into the phone. Unlike competing solutions, there is no helper application to install.

Advanced features including user management, devices, and crash reports are all available to mobile users without having to switch to the desktop-version of the site.

Cross Platform Support Mobile tools for iOS, Android, BlackBerry

AppBlade supports different platforms and technologies while maintaining a consistent user experience. Our key features are streamlining provisioning and device detection on iPhone/iPad, and supporting over-the-air-installs on Android and BlackBerry.

Release Tracks One place for all platforms

AppBlade is designed to support multiple versions and binary files per release track. You can keep iOS, Android, and BlackBerry builds and features lined up.

Release tracks are the perfect solution for restricting access to different versions of an application. Users can define individual permissions, or group them into Teams.

Teams Group-level permissions

When an app is in development, you may not want everyone to see it. At AppBlade, we understand this, so we've introduced Teams which allows you to group users together and define permissions per release track.

Don't want your CEO to see a slightly unstable alpha? Restrict his access to in-development tracks, and let him focus on the release candidate.

Secure your applications and enforce usage

API Everything at your fingertips

The functionality of AppBlade is designed to have the capacity to be automated through our API. Everything that can done through the web-interface can be automated with our API. This includes build uploads, notifications and other project management tasks.

Integrating AppBlade into a continuous automation tool gives your team and testers access to up-to-date versions of your applications.


We currently have the ability to export crash reports and feedback to GitHub Issues and JIRA. We have an open source project on GitHub so you can add whatever service you may need.

Powerful SDK Control your deployment

Application/data security, analytics, crash reporting, and updates can all be brought to your users with our easy-to-use SDK. This gives you flexibility if your policies don't allow direct control over your users devices.

Built in Crash Reporting Tools to keep your application running smoothly

The AppBlade platform includes tools to monitor the health of your application and reports crashes back to AppBlade for analysis. It will notify the developer, and group crashes by type.

In enterprise distributed scenarios AppBlade further provides insight by showing a deeper level of data which allows you to pinpoint the line of code, the person, and the device.

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