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Designed by App lovers

AppBlade was developed by a team of designers and developers that were frustrated with the lack of great tools to manage and distribute applications. We built AppBlade because we needed a set of tools to manage and create better mobile applications.

By Developers for the People

We believe that mobile devices represent a shift in both the way we use computers and the way we work. The phone is more personal than any personal computer has ever been. We want to create amazing tools to keep the phone personal while giving companies the tools they need to secure and manage their workforce.

Who We Are

AppBlade was born from Raizlabs, a large mobile development company based in Boston. Raizlabs is currently acting as a live test bed for leading edge technologies that make their way into the AppBlade product. Both companies are focused on creating better apps. Raizlabs does this through consulting and AppBlade does this by creating better tools.

Get in touch

Don't be a stranger, to get in touch with the team you can email us or open a support ticket.

Team AppBlade Working together to make mobile better

Our team consists of developers, designers, and iPhone and Android experts. We've built a team of world class individuals focused on building better mobile software. We've worked with companies since the AppStore was launched across both iOS and Android to solve their mobile problems. The AppBlade team is focused on creating great tools for companies large and small.





Our SDK and other components are open-source, we'd like to thank some of our contributors (in no particular order): Russel Jones, Craig Spitzkoff, Mike Lapointe, Justin Kaufman, Ben Johnson, Alex Rouse, Rich Stern, and Dylan James.