Deploy, manage, and configure with ease.

Tailored tools to distribute applications and solve your mobility pains. Device Management has never been easier.

Manage your first device in five minutes.

AppBlade is a tremendous tool that helps shorten feedback loops, tighten the QA process and focus on making your product better rather than the unneeded complexity of device management.

Bryan Dunn, Director of Reader Products


Easily deploy and distribute applications over the air to iPad, iPhone, Android & BlackBerry through a mobile browser.


AppBlade is designed to ensure user, device, and application security through our SDK or Mobile Device Management (iOS only).


Your ability to easily manage multiple applications, platforms, permissions, and people is the ultimate value of AppBlade.

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AppBlade has it all

Mobile Device Management for all your iOS devices
Install Apps Remotely Push apps to your devices over the air. Just like Apple.
Enforce Password Quality Make sure the passwords protecting device access are always up to snuff.
Lock up your Devices Prompt a user for a password, or lock a device indefinitely, at the press of a button.
Wipe down your Devices Remove your sensitive apps and data before they are compromised. Remotely.
Blacklist apps Name the applications that should never run on your managed devices. AppBlade blocks them.
...or Whitelist them Define a list of applications, AppBlade will make sure those are the only ones that run on your device.
Detect Jailbroken & Rooted Phones Learn when a compromised phone might be running one of your apps.
Manage entire Device Pools Command your fleet of devices simultaneously, either all at once or in defined groups.
and more....
Mobile App Management for both iOS and Android
Update Apps Automatically Guarantee your users, testers, and employees are all up to date.
App Kill Switch Want to keep apps locked down? Lock out users from opening the app.
Crash Reporting Testing something buggy? Our SDK reports crash details to you as they happen.
User Feedback & Screenshots Does something not look right? Let your users tell you.
Track App Use & Other Analytics Who ran what when? Our SDK can let you know.
Enroll Devices Automatically Make sure only the right devices can install your builds.
Role & Group Level Application Policy Managment Whitelist and Blacklist apps to only run the apps you want.
and more....
All The Dev Tools You'll Need
Distribute, Install, Test, & Update AppBlade can handle the whole process.
Host your Builds Use our API or upload manually. Centralize your versions.
Beta Test Public or Private. Indy or Industry. AppBlade can help you distribute and coordinate.
Report Crashes Got a buggy build? Our SDK reports crash details to you as they happen.
Get User Feedback Your users know when something doesn't look right. Our SDK lets them tell you.
Analyze Anonymous User & Device Data Track sessions of app usage, with customizable parameters for your own interests.
Integrate GitHub Let the reports that AppBlade gets automatically become Github issues.
Integrate JIRA Link JIRA with AppBlade to make crashes become JIRA bugs automatically.
Continuous Integration support For Hudson, Jenkins, and others. Add our scripts and AppBlade can get builds whenever they do.
and more....
Read Walkthroughs and Documentation, or Talk to a Human
Email Us Go ahead and ask us a question. We'll respond in 24 hours or less.
Call Us Have something too complicated for email? Give us a call or schedule one for later.
Look at our Source code Our entire SDK is open source. You can see all the things we're doing. No secrets.
Browse our Support Pages Find the answers to your own questions. Perfect for the autodidact.
Read our Wiki If open source is more your thing, a wiki is available for our SDK and plugins.
Suggest more features Don't see a feature you want? Let us know. Odds are we're already working on it.
and more....
We Play Nice with your Current Systems
Email Domain claiming Automatically give all your company email addresses approval to join your team.
Device Pools & Batch permission editing For managing all your users and devices at once.
Continuous Integration From BuildBot to Jenkins, AppBlade can automatically update from your builds.
API Endpoints Our fully documented API lets you use AppBlade outside of AppBlade
Custom Hardware Solutions For operating behind company firewalls.
Try our Third Party Support Crashes and Feedback reports can automatically show up in Github, JIRA, & more.
...or keep using the tools you use. Our open source service system lets you make your own rules for Crashes and Feedback.
Secure Features iPhone Android
SCEP Device Identification Yes
Single Sign-On (SSO) Yes
Directory Integration Yes Yes
Open-Sourced SDK Yes Yes
FIPS 140 compliant communication and encryption Yes
and more....
Enterprise Features iPhone Android
BYOD-ready Device Identification & Management Yes Yes
Dedicated Private App Store Yes Yes
Brandable user experience Yes Limited
App Store Integration & Passthrough Yes Yes
Automatic Notifications Yes Yes
App Discovery Yes Yes
App Installation Yes Yes
VPP support Yes
Private Channel Support Yes
Application Access Control Yes
Application Version Management Yes
Section 508 compliant interface Yes
and more....

Install your applications when you need them, including over-the-air. Manage devices with or without Mobile Device Management. Secure your apps and devices. Own your data and your users, whether enterprise or beta. Integrate our SDKs and APIs to enhance your development process, and add an extra layer of security.

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